+ How long does the beneficial effect of the treatment therapy last?

The average duration of benefit in studies is so far about 1 to 1.5 years, but published European studies indicate that patients may benefit even longer from Interleukin IL 1 Ra injections.

+ Are these injections painful?

A few patients (less than 1.5%) reported elevated pain levels after the first injection which disappeared spontaneously. All the injections are completed on an outpatient basis, in the office, using a Ultrasound Guidance Technology to ensure minimal pain and lessen damage to surrounding tissues.

+ Can I repeat the Arthrokinex Joint Health Program?

The Arthrokinex Joint Health Program is a purely natural biologic treatment produced from the patient’s own blood. It contains no analgesics, steroids or additives. As such, there is no restriction in repeating the treatment.

+ Can I continue with my sports and daily activities while being treated?

Based on the experiences of Arthrokinex Joint Health Program patients, there are no restrictions in physical activity induced by the therapy. In fact, certain exercises are found to be beneficial to the treatment by improving joint function and stability.

+ How often may I repeat the Arthrokinex Joint Health Program?

There are no restrictions on the number of treatment series as long as they remain effective for patients.

+ Are there side effects to be expected?

There are no major side effects known. The incidence of joint infection in published studies is minimal.

+ How many injections are needed?

The most effective protocol involves one injection per joint or site usually for a series of 3 or up to 6 as needed. The number of injections per site may vary, per the doctor’s consultation.

+ Do clinical studies confirm the beneficial effects of the Arthrokinex Joint Health Program?

Since 2012, several hundred Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections have been completed at our center. The majority of our patients, of various backgrounds and ages, achieve tangible and measurable pain relief. There are two European clinical studies to date on Interleukin IL 1 Ra joint injections demonstrating their efficacy, safety and long term benefits. A recent clinical study conducted by Arthrokinex physician Dr. Angelique Barreto has been published in the Cytokine Journal. You can read the findings of the study here.

+ I am on prescription medications. Can I still participate in the Arthrokinex Joint Health Program?

Yes, but some drugs may need to be changed before an injection therapy. A physician in our clinic will advise you, and you are encouraged to consult with your personal physician also.

+ Can I combine the Arthrokinex Joint Health Program with other therapies?

The Arthrokinex Joint Health Program is a comprehensive plan combining an anti-inflammatory diet, relevant supplements, exercise and physical therapy recommendations to complement the positive effect of the natural injections and enhance pain reduction and joint mobility.

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