safety & effectiveness

The Arthrokinex Joint Health Program is a purely natural biologic treatment produced from the patient’s own blood and it contains no analgesics, steroids or additives. All processing is done on the same day, on site, using USA-manufactured Medical Devices in a closed sterile system.

Since 2012, several hundreds of Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections have been completed at our Center with patients from different walks of life obtaining tangible pain relief. Since the joint injections are done using Ultrasound Guidance, delivery into the target area is extremely accurate, and there is minimal damage to surrounding tissues and blood vessels.

We do not replace the role of your family physician or your orthopedic surgeon. Instead, we work with your physicians to provide optimal integrated Joint Health Care. Our vision is to provide the latest cutting-edge therapies for relieving your pain, slowing the progression of your arthritis, preventing the cycle of chronic inflammation, and improving your health and quality of life. Apart from some expected same-day joint soreness due to the injection, there have been no serious adverse events at our center since the beginning of the Program two years ago.