In 2012, I had knee surgery and my recovery was significantly accelerated due to the anti-inflammatory effect of Arthrokinex. Even my physical therapists were amazed at the speed of my recovery.*
— Ken T., Former Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs (56 years old)
I am enjoying the results of Arthrokinex. I am sleeping all night, and pain free days have become the norm once again.*
— Kevin H., Cattle and Ranching Industry, (51 years old)
Due to my vocation and lifestyle, by age 47 I had two shoulder surgeries. In May 2012, surgery was no longer an option. I began the Arthrokinex program in October 2012. I now get six to eight hours of sleep and enjoy daily life pain-free again. I recommend the Arthrokinex Program to anyone who can relate to the years of pain I dealt with.*
— John B., Tile Fitter and Carpenter (58 years old)
I had my right knee replaced and still have pain in it. I chose the Arthrokinex program for my left knee and the relief from pain was almost immediate. It has been over a year, and if my left knee starts hurting again, I plan to repeat this treatment.*
— Pearl H., Retired Teacher (69 years old)

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