what to expect

An initial evaluation of your joint is completed with the help of basic imaging and lab work to assess if the program would be of help to you. If you are eligible, a series of ArthroKinex injections will be started to help your pain and mobility.

A wellness plan addressing YOUR risk factors, with personalized weight loss goals using an anti-inflammatory diet and appropriate exercise is recommended. Where applicable, suggestions on your arthritis medications and supplements will be given. Our physicians will arrange the use of TENS machines, place Physical Therapy orders and assist you in finding an appropriate brace should it be necessary. In certain patients Bone Densitometry testing to evaluate bone health may be ordered. Smoking Cessation is emphasized throughout the program, as well as the psychological aspects of living with chronic pain.

Step 1

Removal of blood from a vein in your arm.

Step 2

Your blood is then transferred into special, sterile containers. With our special separation process, your Interleukin 1 Ra injections can be prepared on-site in less than an hour.

Step 3

When ready, the serum is loaded into individual syringes.

Step 4

The first injection of the conditioned self-serum can be immediately introduced into the affected joint using Ultrasound Guidance.

The usual protocol is a series of three injections delivered into one joint, with up to three follow-up injections delivered later in the year. The injections are used in combination with an anti-inflammatory diet and targeted dietary supplements as part of a comprehensive joint health program. The results speak for themselves: most of our patients experience a noticeable reduction in joint pain for a year or longer.